Optical character recognition for best before date reading

Verify your print quality by deploying deep-learning based optical character recognition and read challenging prints robustly, reliably and fast.

The proven readability of best before date or period of use labels on products in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry is a strong requirement. Reading prints on textured backgrounds or prints with bad quality can be difficult or even impossible for classical OCR/OCV systems or smart cameras. We offer our customers an easy to configure PC system including the option to connect multiple cameras. This modular architecture can excel smart cameras in terms of price and frame rate. Our software is based on Halcon DeepOCR technology, can be combined with additional functionalities like code reading and reaches highest recognition. We delivery either a complete vision system or a Windows application to integrate in your existing vision framework.


Our customers are in the food or pharmaceutical industry with various applications and product packages.

Price description:

We delivery either a complete vision system or a Windows application. The System or the software can be customized to your specific needs, especially in terms of integration and connectivity to your production environment. The price depends on the number of cameras and additional modules as well as the effort of customization.

Price: on request

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