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The account of the provider is registrated to the specified person and must be moved to another moved to another person if the contact leaves your company.

Please contact us should the case happen.

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Please enter your company data and make sure that there is only one company account per company to reflect back to you an optimal overview of your requests.

Describe anonymously the range of services offered by your company. You have 800 characters at your disposal.

The company descriptions can be displayed together with the solutions you offer on one overview page. The customer gets an overview of your product portfolio and can inquire directly with you via this page.

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You can add other employees from your company to the visionpier administration. These persons will receive invitations to events, inquiries, or queries about posted solutions.

If you want to add further persons, please click on the button "Add".


Please select the access options for your employees:
  • View only: the employee can view the logged-in areas, but cannot change anything.
  • View and edit: Important! Always click on both, staff members can, depending on their selection, edit and change solutions and requests and also receive mails about requests and invitations.
Employee management right
Staff members have the possibility to create, change and delete solutions.
Staff members receive requests and can change the status of the requests.
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