Visual quality inspection systems for concrete components

We design, develop and install visual quality inspection systems for concrete components and hand them over to our customers on a turnkey basis.

In the automated solution, cameras are aimed at the elements to be inspected. The captured images are processed on a computer and analyzed in cycle time. Intelligent algorithms, which are based on so-called machine learning, decide whether a component has defects and can be sorted out, or is defect-free and can be further processed.


Cooperation with the world market leader for the installation of tunnel segments; inspection of railroad ties; inspection of concrete precast parts

Price description:

Feasibility study: 0.00 Euro Proof of Concept: 5,000.00 Euro Further project procedure & price points: Software licenses, edge device, camera equipment, custom software customization, hardware installation cost in production. Total costs 50,000 - 150,000 Euro.

Price: on request

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