Optical quality inspection of wood and wood surfaces with industrial image processing

With the 360° camera inspection for wood surfaces, forest edge, cracks, defects, discoloration, worm damage and dimensions of wood parts are inspected

With SIMAVIS® wood inspection, processed and unprocessed wood surfaces can be inspected visually and during ongoing transport on a conveyor belt - despite the always individual image of this natural product. A specially developed optical inspection system allows wood parts to be fully inspected. The image processing software detects anomalies, such as color deviations, cracks, bark, etc., and evaluates them based on adjustable criteria and thresholds. The camera system in combination with the inspection software is designed for reliable inspection of wood surfaces in serial production and can be individually adapted to your quality requirements. Adapted to harsh environmental conditions, the solution is also used in sawmills, among other places.


One of our customers in the woodworking industry is LESSMANN GmbH. The world's leading manufacturer of brushes relies on a SIMAVIS® optical wood inspection system.

Price description:

Simple feasibility study: FREE. Extended validation (if necessary): approx. 4.000 Euro. A statement of the total price is possible free of charge after receipt of your requirement details. The system price depends on the required image processing technology (cameras, lighting, IPC, further control cabinet equipment), licenses, individual software development and commissioning.

Price: on request

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