Mikado Find - find parts in 3D

Find parts in 3D with Mikado Find and pick them up from boxes, conveyor belts, tables, baskets, pallets or anything else.

Mikado Find finds your parts in a 3D workspace and communicates with standard interfaces via TCP-IP or OPCUA for fully automated operation. The matching algorithm is CAD data based and thus ensures high precision. The coordinate system can be adapted to the robot or axis system with a simple hand-eye calibration. Mikado Find works with all ENSENSO 3D cameras, supporting all known advantages: free definition of working space and working distance, high tolerance against ambient light. Picking parts has never been easier. By using 3D cameras, parts can be tilted or lie slightly on top of each other - Mikado Find finds them all. Reliable operation of the machine is thus ensured.


Pick and place applications (from bins / conveyor / table / basket / tray / rack / ...) Depalletizing Parts made of plastic, wood, metal, non-transparent glass, ...

Price description:

The price includes a 3D camera (ENSENSO N Series) and all necessary software licenses. Mikado Find is installed on a Windows-based IPC of the machine, which can be provided by the customer. Optionally, a suitable controller is also provided.

Price: from 9000 € one time

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