SIMAVIS® crack detection - automated crack detection and quality inspection for your production.

SIMAVIS® crack detection is a reliable camera system for efficient quality control to prevent production defects.

The SIMAVIS® crack detection optical inspection system reliably detects cracks in various surfaces. The camera system detects the production defects on the corresponding surface early on in the process. Materials such as metal, alloys, glass, concrete, various plastic surfaces, wood, ceramics and others are possible for crack detection. Limits and thresholds can be adjusted by easily set parameters, so that the control of the quality is always in your hand. Thanks to our expertise in this field, we can offer you a system that is specially tailored to the surface, shape and size of your test specimen and also fits into your production environment in the best possible way.


With over 20 years of experience, we stand for quality and perfectly coordinated image processing solutions. Our satisfied customers include SIEMENS, AUDI, Rehau AG, Zott, Lieken AG, brose and BOSCH.

Price description:

Simple feasibility study: FREE. Extended validation (if necessary): approx. 4,000 euros. A statement of the total price is possible free of charge after receipt of your requirement details. The system price depends on the required image processing technology (cameras, lighting, IPC, further control cabinet equipment), licences, individual software development and commissioning.

Price: on request

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